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We're Feminitt Caribbean

Feminitt Caribbean is a registered non-governmental organisation based in Trinidad and Tobago. We are dedicated towards advancing Gender Justice in the Caribbean through education, conversation and social good with an intersectional Caribbean feminist lens. Our primary areas of foci are ending gender-based violence and increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights using policy advocacy and education as the major channels.

Gender Justice looks at the redistribution of power that exists among people to bring about a fairer and more just society by dismantling systemic patriarchy. Patriarchy is upheld by homophobia, sexism and violence - which paves the way for other issues such as misogyny, transphobia, poverty and more. Becoming educated and aware of social issues and inequalities is key for transforming harmful culture and norms. This knowledge can empower our citizens to advocate for and demand better state machinery to alleviate these issues that exist. 

We serve the communities and the people in it. Our goal is to create sustainable change that allows for growth, for people to become conscious of the society they exist in and the unequal power structures that work against them. Consciousness is the first step to revolution. In this revolution, everyone has a part to play and we are dedicated to walking alongside each other to ensure that no one is left behind.

Feminitt Caribbean is made up of a core team of 6, with over 30 volunteers. Together, we formulate, execute, report and debrief on all things Gender Justice. We strongly believe in community building, collaboration and partnership since no one thing can be achieved in a silo. The communities we serve must be at the center of the decision making, giving feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions as to how we can all make the community a better place.

‘What the F’, is an Intersectional Caribbean Feminist platform that seeks to tackle social issues through that lens. We are delighted to share this with you as we continue to grow from within this community together. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to join us as we record this journey.



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