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Safe Cycle was launched in August 2020 as a project later funded by the Women Deliver Young Leader Small Grant Initiative. The Safe Cycle project delivered three phases: Menstrual Health Education, Service Delivery and the Safe Cycle Report.


Menstrual Health Education: The Feminitt team alongside its partners, Caribbean Feminist and The Lily Pads project conducted social media campaigns as well as live conversations to disseminate information about menstrual health and menstrual equity as well as promoting the engagement of men and boys. This phase, consulted Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights experts and workers to ensure that accurate information was shared.


Service Delivery: With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, several families experienced severe economic effects which made them unable to purchase adequate period products and proper health care to manage a safe menstrual cycle. The Safe Cycle team provided 120 period boxes (20 more than we initially intended due to generous donations) inclusive of cotton underwear, recyclable period pads by The Lily Pads Project, sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, heating pads and a menstrual health tracker and diary to 120 menstruating persons. These period kits were distributed through a national courier service as well as some members of the Safe Cycle Team.


Safe Cycle Report: With the assistance of our partner, Caribbean Feminist, we generated a survey which was distributed via social media and service deliv ery end-users to help generate a comprehensive report to advocate for our desired outcomes; Period Card implementation, a Women’s Health Hotline and a proper Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum. Menstruating persons were also able to access fully funded visits to a Gynaecologist where we facilitated further development of a regime to maintain a safe menstrual cycle.

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Safe Cycle Care Bank

The Safe Cycle Care Bank is the soul of the Safe Cycle project. The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago was launched on November 7th, 2021 in Arouca. The Safe Cycle Care Bank offers free period care products and education to people who menstruate. Its goal is to increase accessibility of period products for everyone.


The first installment was done in collaboration with D.E.N.T: Deidra Engaging and Nurturing Teens, an empowerment organisation geared towards redefining gender and social norms that reinforces gender inequalities amongst young women and girls.

Want to donate or set up a Care Bank?

Email us at or call/text 868-735-9828

Meet the team 

Deidra Williams- Co-Chair.JPG

Deidra Williams



TeHilla Paul

Facilitator & Researcher

KIRBY MOSES SHOT (1) (1).jpg

Kirby Moses

Community Liaison Officer


Kiara Dookie

Research Officer

Roshanna Ramdass_ Research Officer.jpg

Roshanna Ramdass

Research Officer


The Role of Menstrual Health Education in Reducing Period Poverty: A Learning Brief by Feminitt Caribbean

One-Year Impact Report

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